• Penelope Sue

    We’re dreaming
    of a Kind Christmas

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    We’re dreaming
    of a Kind Christmas

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    We’re dreaming
    of a Kind Christmas

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    We’re dreaming
    of a Kind Christmas


And so are they

So, let’s dream a little. Imagine a world where all pigs, just like Penelope Sue, can wallow in the mud to keep cool, sleep in straw filled barns with their best buddies and never know unkindness. A world where they are valued for who they are, not what they can produce.

But did you know, we don’t have to dream to make this possible? The answer lies quite simply in a Kind Christmas for all. So come on, let’s make this Christmas one to truly celebrate.

Hi Penelope Sue

Penelope Sue was one of a litter of nine piglets born to rescued mum, Piggy Sue. Penelope Sue was the smallest of the litter and so it was understood she needed a little extra help to grow and flourish, and so that’s exactly what she got. Penelope Sue is tremendously lucky; she was born into a world of kindness. A place where little piglets are cherished and seen as the quirky individuals they are. It could have been very different.


Meet Penelope Sue’s Friends

Howdy Marty

On Saturday 30th of November, six turkeys arrived at Edgar’s Mission with a simple message from their rescuer, “Please save these turkeys, they deserve a chance.”

Greetings Betany

Betany arrived in a shroud of mystery. The phone rang: “is this Edgar’s Mission? There’s a package for you at the gate.” And indeed there was.

Hello Wendy

Found by the side of the road – cold, hungry and all alone – Wendy owes her life to the Good Samaritan who found her and brought her to Edgar’s Mission.


Why Kind Christmas?

Because all animals deserve kindness and respect. All animals deserve to live free from harm, regardless of the way they look or our familiarity with them.

It’s so easy to put a leg of ham or lamb, or a whole chicken or turkey into your trolley and keep on rolling to the counter without a second thought. But behind every product you buy, there’s a story.

Christmas is a festive time shared with loved ones, you’ll even find the family dog or cat invited to the celebrations with food and gifts. But sadly, animals with the same capacity to feel are excluded from the show of love. And worse than that, they suffer immensely for it.

And this still goes on despite the fact every year more and more research reveals the extent of cognitive abilities and emotional complexities of farmed animals, which is far more sophisticated than previous generations have thought.

All animals experience emotions and, we believe, would wish upon a star for a long life filled with kindness if they could. They simply can’t save themselves; the most powerful force for change is you.

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