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Hi Penelope Sue

When Piggy Sue arrived at Edgar’s Mission not only did she carry the saddest look in her eyes, but she was underweight and burdened with parasites, sores and sadly a well-earned distrust of humans. Her long saggy teats suggested that in her past life the gentle sow was used for commercial breeding. Through a fortunate twist of fate Piggy Sue was somehow able to make her escape and hit the road, where she found herself on a journey that would secure her future and that of her already developing babies. Tucking into suburban garden beds is a surefire way to get some attention.

Regardless of where she was born, Penelope Sue would have been the same wriggly little pink being with the same capacity to feel had she opened her eyes among the comfort of straw or on the concrete floor of a commercial shed. But in another world, her life would have only been deemed worth the money her body parts could attract.

*While we don’t know exactly what Penelope Sue is dreaming of, we do know she dreams. Possessed with the same neural pathways that are important for sleeping and dreaming, there is no reason to believe that pigs and indeed all other animals do otherwise. And luckily for Penelope Sue her dreams will carry on beyond this Christmas, but sadly for most other pigs theirs will not. Converted into pork, ham and bacon, no one will never get to know what incredible and unique animals they really were.

Meet Penelope Sue’s Friends

Howdy Marty

On Saturday 30th of November, six turkeys arrived at Edgar’s Mission with a simple message from their rescuer, “Please save these turkeys, they deserve a chance.”

Greetings Betany

Betany arrived in a shroud of mystery. The phone rang: “is this Edgar’s Mission? There’s a package for you at the gate.” And indeed there was.

Hello Wendy

Found by the side of the road – cold, hungry and all alone – Wendy owes her life to the Good Samaritan who found her and brought her to Edgar’s Mission.