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Hello Wendy

We don’t know how Wendy came to be separated from her mother and flock, but we do know that had she not been found she would have surely perished. And we do know she desperately wanted to live.

Tragically, premature death is an all too common story for sheep and lambs in the colder months. In Australia alone it’s estimated 15 million lambs die within 48 hours of birth, mostly related to cold exposure. Many farmed sheep have no access to shelter, even when heavily pregnant.

As is proven with every life we save, each lamb has an individual character and captures hearts far and wide. It was pure luck Wendy’s plight was noticed by a compassionate soul and she was given a second chance at life. Now she will never be identified by her market value but by name – a simple gesture of intrinsic worth we take for granted yet most farm animals are denied.

You wouldn’t know it just by looking at her, however Wendy now has unwittingly taken on the task of pulling the wool from people’s eyes. And by doing so she is showing one and all that behind every lamb roast there is a sweet, innocent baby who simply wanted to live.

Meet Wendy’s Friends

Hi Penelope Sue

Penelope Sue was one of a litter of nine piglets born to rescued mum, Piggy Sue. Penelope Sue was the smallest of the litter and so it was understood she needed a little extra help to grow and flourish, and so that’s exactly what she got.

Howdy Marty

On Saturday 30th of November, six turkeys arrived at Edgar’s Mission with a simple message from their rescuer, “Please save these turkeys, they deserve a chance.”

Greetings Betany

Betany arrived in a shroud of mystery. The phone rang: “is this Edgar’s Mission? There’s a package for you at the gate.” And indeed there was.